Two native New Yorkers find an ancient cannabis talisman and now everyone in New York City is after them. With new found friends in tow they race to return the artifact to its original temple before it’s too late.

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Tony – Antonio Avera

Anthony “Tony” Antonio is a young broker on the verge of a major breakthrough. Being financially set, his early retirement looms over the horizon. When his estranged Uncle returns to his life he brings a healthy dose of chaos as well.

Boobie – Henry Rembert

Jamal “Boobie” Brown is a native New Yorker forced to move to LA 8 years ago. He has finally returned to his beloved city but he may not be able to adapt to the New NYC. Taking his nephew under his wing, he prepares to educate Tony in the stoner lifestyle.

Kaya – Yasmin Pascall
Kamila “Kaya” Quinones grew up in Harlem group homes. She met Master Satavius when she was 17, her belief in stoner ideology led her to training as a THC disciple. Master Satavius views her as the future of the THC, she must guide the stewards of The Infinite Doobie on the path. 

Cleetus Blud – Jacque Horton
Cleetus Blud is a young Buffalo Soldier, he has put his talents at the disposal of his field commander, Hatshepsut. Cleetus always has a solution, no matter the situation. He normally only keeps the company of other Buffalo Soldiers so integration with others is not his strong suit.

Hatshepsut – Afia Henriques
Hatshepsut is  battle tested veteran of the Rastafarian Buffalo Soldiers, a sect of the THC that originated in the Caribbean. Hatshepsut is the Mamba Mentality personified. A purpose driven person that will always find a way to her goal.

Agent Desert Eagle Eagle – Damon Tolstoy

Agent Desert Eagle Eagle is a patriot but no civilians would ever know. A Black Ops operative for over 35 years with countless suicide missions under his belt. Agent DEE was in retirement until the GMNT pulled him back in to deal with two New York hippies obsessed with a cannabis plant.

Agent Fiscal – Ashton Myers

Agent Bash – Tanay

Agent Silence – Steve Perez


October 15th – Saturday
Call time: 9am – 3pm
Location: DUMBO click here for Google maps location
Scene pages: 62 – 66 – click here for sides
Characters: Tony, Boobie, Kaya, Hatshepsut, and Cleetus

October 16th – Sunday 
Call time: 9am – 3pm
Location: 80 Broad Street, 5th floor 5th floor, New York, NY 10004
Scene pages: 92, 99, 100, 103 – click here for sides
Characters: Boobie, Hatshepsut, and Agent Bash

November 12th – Saturday
Call time: 11am – 5pm
Location: TBD
Scene pages: 55, 71, 83, 84, 85, 87, 89, 90, 94, 
Characters: Master Satavius, Kaya, Cleetus, Tony, and Hack

Call time: 
Location: TBD
Scene pages:  94, 97, 99-100 
Characters: Master Satavius, Kaya, Cleetus, Tony, Hack, Boobie, Agent Desert Eagle, Hatshepsut, Master Indicus