Two native New Yorkers find an ancient canibus talisman and now everyone in New York City is after them. With new found friends in tow they race to return the artifact to its original temple before it’s too late.

Kaya 25-30, Female, Lead:  
Kamila “Kaya” Quinones grew up in Harlem group homes. She met Master Satavius when she was 17, her belief in stoner ideology led her to training as a THC disciple. Master Satavius views her as the future of the THC, she must guide the stewards of The Infinite Doobie on the path. 

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Victoria Snodgrass 20-25, Female, Supporting
Victoria is a trustfarian, her parents make sure she is well taken care of. Perception is everything to her, so she dedicates all of her free time to internet activism. Her relationship with Tony is completely based off of how many likes she received when she posted a picture of them together. They fit the image of the #relationshipgoals that everyone in her circle of friends wants. She doesn’t believe in dating down so when Boobie enters their life, with his ghetto tendencies, it throws all of her plans into turmoil.

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Mansa Musa 35-45, Male, Supporting:
Once the richest person in human history, the spirit of the great ruler remains on this plane to guide this generation of stewards of The Infinite Doobie to enlightenment.

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Master Satavius 50-60, Male, Lead:
Bolin “Master Satavius” Rao came to the US when he was 22, his parents raised him to be a hard working productive member of society. When he joined the THC he was disowned by everyone in his family except his sister Zhi.

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Hatshepsut 30-35, Female, Lead:
A battle tested veteran of the Rastafarian Buffalo Soldiers, a sect of the THC that originated in the Caribbean. Hatshepsut is the Mamba Mentality personified. A purpose driven person that will always find a way to her goal.

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Cleetus Blud 20-25, Male Supporting:
Cleetus Blud is a young Buffalo Soldier, he has put his talents at the disposal of his field commander, Hatshepsut. Cleetus always has a solution, no matter the situation. He normally only keeps the company of other Buffalo Soldiers so integration with others is not his strong suit.

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